The main activity of the Axle Assemblies Factory is manufacturing of blanks and parts made of cast iron. The production range includes both gray cast iron and ductile iron with spherical graphite. We offer castings from the ductile and gray cast iron of different grades.

Our production conforms to norms and standards regulated by GOST 7293-85 and ST SEV 4560-84. More information about the features of a particular steel grade can be obtained from our specialists.

We accept orders for manufacturing of non-standard parts according to the drawings, casting blanks of complex configuration. We are engaged in production of non-standard alloys and alloys on the provided chemical composition. We provide delivery to transport companies.

  • 2006 - Launch of the foundry

    Due to absence of manufacturers of trailer turntables in Russia we decided to start working on own production of parts for trailer equipment. Very soon we become the first producer of turntables for trailer equipment in Russia.

  • 2007- Research work

    Our team worked on search and optimization of machines, selection of the optimal scheme of compositions mixing. Factory increased the number of employees and started the process of product certification.

  • 2008 - Production capacity growth

    Factory manufactures cast iron castings, non-ferrous metal products with subsequent machining and sale.

    Wholesale deliveries of turntables, brake drums. Start of work on the production of axles. Quality of our products is confirmed by the growing demand, increasing number of partners.

    The factory of axle assemblies is developing: production is expanding, new technologies are implemented, stuff number is growing (more than 70 people).

    We are open to dialogue and mutually beneficial partnership.