International Air freight

International Air freight

International Air freight

International Air freight

turntable 12 tons

Trailer turntable -10-12 holes. Ductile iron (VCH-50*). Detailed processing. Reliability in execution.

drum brake

Drum brake made of grey cast iron grade SCH -20**. It is made by a method of casting with cold hardening mixtures with the further machining, painting and transportation to the place of destination.

turntable 8 tons

Круг поворотный применяется для прицепов марок  Став Прицеп, НЕФАЗ-8332, 8560, 8560-02, 8602, СЗАП-8357, 8305, 8551-01, 8543, КЗАП-89994, 89947, 89941, 8527, 8524, САТ-14А, 24Д, 123, 123-01.

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Technological production process

The technologies used in our production embody the achievements of science and engineering, this allows us to obtain unique results and high consumer properties. GOST and ISO.

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For the world, country, enterprise.

Individual approach to every detail! According to GOST 7293-85 and ST SEV 4560-84.

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Own workshops and warehouses

Foundry shop, product machining workshop. We implement machining of own castings and products with the further assembly on time and at the highest quality level.

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We are open for partnership

Our company is interested in long-term cooperation and ready to offer you high-quality products and mutually beneficial forms of cooperation.


Today our company’s stuff including more than 70 highly qualified specialists enables production of high-quality products and quickly solve complex technical tasks.

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    Appearance and quality of products at excellent level!

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    We are for the preservation of nature!

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    Healthy employees mean a healthy production!

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    There are no unsolvable issues!

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    Our products can be delivered anywhere in the world!

Axle Assemblies Factory produces blanks and finished products made by pouring the molten metal into the cavity of a given configuration, followed by its solidification.

The main task of the foundry is to obtain castings with the maximum approximation of the shape and size of the surface to the same parameters of the finished part in order to reduce the complexity of subsequent machining. The main advantage of forming casting blanks is the ability to obtain a variety of weight blanks of almost any complexity directly from the liquid metal.

We use advanced casting technology to produce stable product quality and apply following methods:

-centrifugal casting;

-chill casting (into metal molds);

-lost-wax casting, burn out or dissolve models casting;

- casting in sand and clay forms.

We use both gray cast iron and ductile iron with spherical graphite. Our production range includes castings from the various grades of ductile and gray cast iron (detailed information about the iron grades can be obtained from our specialists).

We make car parts and accessories. We deliver the equipment and accessories for the enterprises. We accept orders for manufacturing of non-standard parts according to the drawings, the casting blanks of complex configuration. We are engaged in production of non-standard alloys and alloys on the provided chemical composition.

More information about the features of a particular steel grade can be obtained from our specialists.



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